Welcome to The Groove Cheesesteak Co. –celebrating 13 years of authentic Philadelphia flavor served with uniquely Pittsburgh pride. Here’s how we got there…


In 2002, owner and proprietor Marc Feldstein left Boston to move back to his hometown of Pittsburgh, although falling in love with a sandwich wasn’t exactly on his travel itinerary.


But a stop to visit family in Philadelphia unexpectedly ignited Marc’s passion for the City of Brotherly

Love’s culinary icon – the cheesesteak. Quenching this new desire, his short stay was quickly crammed with visits to the city’s often famous (but always delicious!) steak shops and stands.


Alas, his satisfaction frustratingly temporary, as Marc’s craving for gooey cheese, grilled onions and meat cradled by a fresh roll became the new passenger on his journey home. His was positive that his cheesesteak love affair could survive in the City of Champions. Well...


He was wrong.


Marc’s search for Pittsburgh sandwich satisfaction was plagued by mediocrity and disappointment
and he worried there was heartbreak ahead.


Breaking up was out of the question. As a cheesesteak lover and fighter, it became his mission to bring Philly’s classic creation to the people of Pittsburgh. This meant serving high-quality steaks in a low-key atmosphere and a commitment to product and service excellence.


Southside Steaks knows that our customers are the reason we've had more than a decade of success, so we constantly evolve our menu and services not just to meet, but to exceed their expectations. Creating and rewarding customer loyalty remains our primary goal and drives everything we do.


Now, the next stage of Southside Steaks evolution is happening.  Southside Steaks is making its transition to its modernized vision!  An upscale semi table service restaurant serving great cheesesteaks, made fresh to order, with the freshest of ingredients


So whether customers are finding us for the first time or coming back for more, we always greet them with a steak…and a smile. As a new employee, you are a continuation and representation of this commitment and pride.


Now, as we enter into the new era as The Groove Cheesesteak Company,  we are fine tuning our culinary style and updating the physical location to stay relevant with the changing landscape of the culinary scene in Pittsburgh.  The focus of The Groove is centered on three core values:  They are food quality, the fresher the better, customer service, paramount in providing our customers with the best possible experience they can have, and 3, Unique offerings to our customer that they cannot get anywhere else in Pittsburgh.  Along with that comes presentation of our food, our appearance and interaction with each and every guest.

About The Groove